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2017 Cornell Guide for Commecial Turfgrass Management

2017 PDF version of the guidelines for free on our website at the following URL:


Turfgrass Species and Variety Guidelines for NYS?-?

Thinking about starting a new lawn or renovating an old one? This iBook will help you choose the grass species and varieties best adapted to your growing conditions, lawn care plan and expectations.


Turfgrass and Landscape Weed ID?-?

The first step when managing weeds is to know what weeds you have. This mobile-friendly site makes it simple to identify common New York weeds based on easily observed traits and provides simple?solutions?for control.?


Managing Safe Sports Fields?-?

Everything sports turf managers, coaches,?administrators?and players need to create safe playing fields, from managing soils and choosing grasses to mowing and fertilizing strategies and pest management.? Interactive management schedules?provide timely advice.


Best Management Practices for New York State Golf Courses?-?

Research-based, voluntary BMP guidelines are designed to protect and preserve our water resources that enhance open space using current advances in golf turf management.


Cornell Turfgrass ShortCUTT Podcast -?

Produced by turf specialist?Frank Rossi, Ph.D., associate professor in the Horticulture Section,?each?podcast, takes a look at how the weather is affecting grass growth and management, and?provides weekly news and advice for professionals in the lawn, golf and sports turf industry in New York State and surrounding areas. NYSTA members who have provided their email address receive Cornell Turfgrass ShortCUTT as a membership benefit.


This iBook features seven short how-to videos, photo galleries, interactive images and concise, easy-to-understand steps to cultivate a healthy lawn, including how to mow your lawn less and enjoy it more. It also details more advanced techniques, including best feeding strategies and how to cope with weeds, pests, diseases and soil compaction.

The?Cornell Turfgrass Program, the?Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program, and the?New York State IPM Program?all contributed to the iBooks.