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Distance Learning

Take It With You -
NYSTA Education Series

Now you can learn from the comfort of your own home, office or even out in the field.

How to use the Take It With You - NYSTA Education Series

1. Order a course on DVD or CD directly on-line, contact our office at (518) 783-1229 and order over the phone, or print our PDF registration form and order via fax or mail.

2. Once your order is received and processed in our office we will send you the DVD and CD course you requested.

3. View the DVD or listen to the CD in their entirety. Look or listen for verification codes placed randomly throughout the presentations and write them in order as they are given. You will need these codes later to verify the entire presentation was viewed or listened to.

NOTE: Each verification code can only be used once. If you have multiple people from the same company looking for recertification credits separate DVDs or CDs must be ordered with separate and different verification codes.

4. After taking the lessons and recording the verification codes contact our office via email at distancelearning@nysta.org with your name and course name in the body of the email and we will forward you the link for your selected course verification and completion quiz.

5. Follow the link provided and agree to all rules and regulations, enter your verification codes, take the multiple choice quiz and complete the contact information section.

6. If you pass the quiz with 70% or greater you will receive an email with your score, and your NYSDEC recertification credit certificate will be mailed to you. (If you paid via PO or Voucher your certificate will not be sent to you until payment is received in full). If you fail, you will receive an email with your score. You can then go back and retake the quiz to try and get a passing score. You may take the quiz as many times as needed to get a passing score.

7. If needed there is also an option to have a notice sent to your employer via email stating that you have passed the course. No email will be sent until you have passed the quiz with a score of 70% or greater.

If at any time you have a question about the Take It With You - NYSTA Education Series you can contact our office at distancelearning@nysta.org or (518) 783-1229.


Consider these conditions before you select a course.

1. These courses adhere to New York State regulations (6 NYCRR 325.18) and have been approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Therefore, when you take a DVD or CD recertification course, you must follow the same rules (described below) as you would when you attend live recertification training.

2. This is a regulated activity. You must complete the course according to time stipulations (1 credit equals 1 hour of course work) in order to obtain state recertification credits. You must watch all of the video narration or listen to all of the audio narration and or study the course content. If you complete the course in under the required time, you agree to forfeit your purchase and will not receive credits.

3. Sponsors of an approved NYSDEC pesticide applicator distance learning course must have procedures in place to verify the identification of the individual enrolled in the course. The applicator earning credits must be the one taking and completing the course. Anyone using a substitute is committing fraud and will forfeit their course fee and will not receive credits.

4. A particular course may not be repeated in a recertification cycle. There are no limits on the number of different courses you can select. The maximum hours of training is 7 per day.

5. Sorry, but there are no refunds.

6. You must fill in all fields in this Quiz/Verification form in order to receive credit.

7. A passing score of 70% is required to earn the credit assigned to the course.

8. Only 1 original course certificate will be mailed to the student for each course completed.

9. For more information on the NYSDEC distance learning requirements you can visit their web site at: http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/39227.html

Current Courses Offered

NYSDEC Distance Learning Requirements

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